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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

party in the USA!

hey guess where i am? yeaaap, i'm in san francisco babyyy! i was longing for this day so much and here i am fulfilling my "cravings" (as you may call it) going back to the USA and meeting my big sister (who moved to san francisco a few months ago for college).
i'm going to LA soon in a few hours (america time), and its 9:37pm here. i'm going to LA to get my canadian visa along with a few other people (my sister, ben gloria, hanto, steven, stanley, ferik, tika) i guess thats it? we're gonna stay for a night in LA and then after that we're gonna go back here (cupertino, SF) and then on the 25th we're gonna catch a plane to seattle and last but not least on the 28th we're gonna go to canada. have our christmas there and hey guess what? it's snowing in canada :) nice right? i can't wait.
anyways, i'll catch you guys later.

adios, xo.

(p.s. dont miss out on the pictures i'll post when i get back to jakarta)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

hallowen: friday, october 30th, 2009

what can i say about that halloween night?
well, i love it! it was undescribably stupendous ♥
first stop, seffy's house and then we went to hayley's house to get ready and all that.
next stop, codefin and we ate burgerking for a while and then shisha cafe and we met up with sami luke jason henry mario dongmin and sean. not long after that we went to splash and afterwards little baghdad to wait for the guys.
Next, we went to xlounge. we talked, singed, screamed, jiggled, jumped and DANCED! (ofcourse)
it was totally awesome. something i wouldnt miss out on because you will definitely regret it if you didnt go :)
so who ended up going? loads of people.
adella, seffy, vannya, sabrina, hayley, kayna, naomi, emily, kheya, rida, alan, jenny, chelsi, sami, mario, dongmin, henry, jason, luke, sean. (i'm sorry if i missed out someone)
next year when we do it again, its a must go event!

left to right:
- otw to codefin (adella, patty, vannya)
- little baghdad (hayley and patty)
- little baghdad (sean, sabrina, seffy, patty, dongmin, henry)
- xlounge (patty, sabrina, seffy, vannya)
those are only a few of the pictures, there are more :)

adios, xo.

Friday, October 23, 2009

inspirations at night.

you may ask where i get my post inspirations or you may not ask, but i mean who cares. 
anyways, do you know where i get my inspirations from? from thinking at night, but the best time is when i'm just lying down in my bed doing nothing and waiting for my eyes to shut. i dont know why but apparently an idea always pops in my head when i'm doing nothing, just nothing. should i repeat nothing? yes, nothing! there i said it.
you know what i hate the most about posting up a post? i tend to forget what i wanna write when i'm staring at the laptop screen, its really irritating. then i have to sit there again, staring, and trying to figure out what i was gonna write. its really frustating. i hate it, ugh. 
see like now, this post i'm posting up, it took me ages to figure out what i was gonna write. you know why? because my mind just blanked when i turned and stared at the laptop screen. i know it might sound stupid, but its not really. its just really frustrating, you know. 
goodbye for now. i might post something up again later, if i'm still awake or if i'm bothered.

adios, xo.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

its so fake.

have you ever had that feeling when you think your phone is ringing and you think its that special person that called or texted, but when you go and check your phone there's nothing or its someone else not important? well it happened to me today, just now, at 21:15pm on a thursday night. 
sad right? yes i know.

adios, xo.


have you ever had that feeling of regret? well i do. just a few days ago, i realised how much i regretted not telling him about my feelings. i know it sounds abit foolish but its true. dont you love that feeling when someone tells you he loves you or he cares about you? and you love him back and you wanna tell him you do too but you cant get the words out, like tongue-tied i suppose. well i was in that situation and i regretted not telling him. a few days ago, a friend of mine told me that, that guy liked this girl; she was a friend of mine, not a close friend but a friend. i had a sudden shivery goosebump feeling and from that day on, i realised how much i regretted not telling him. i would say that was one of my biggest regrets.

adios, xo.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

snoozing off.

i want someone new in my class. someone i can relate to and trust, but hopefully someone hot and a guy perhaps? its what i hope and wish for but it might not come true, or it just might?
i'm daydreaming again as usual, or you might call it nightdreaming as i'm snoozing off at night.

adios, xo.


hey do you know what an i-foam is? its really fun!
it comes in a box like this: 
(cute right?)
its like foam except its in tiny microscopic balls and its colourful, it has 6 different colours (purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange) well its not actually mine, its my little sister's but she barely plays with it so i guess why not play with it right? and since i was so bored tonight and i had nothing else better to do, i made some of my own :) check it out!
do you like the ones i made? you should try it, its awesome! when you touch the foamy thingy, its like mooshy and gooey, its like a funny feeling :)

adios, xo.