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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

party in the USA!

hey guess where i am? yeaaap, i'm in san francisco babyyy! i was longing for this day so much and here i am fulfilling my "cravings" (as you may call it) going back to the USA and meeting my big sister (who moved to san francisco a few months ago for college).
i'm going to LA soon in a few hours (america time), and its 9:37pm here. i'm going to LA to get my canadian visa along with a few other people (my sister, ben gloria, hanto, steven, stanley, ferik, tika) i guess thats it? we're gonna stay for a night in LA and then after that we're gonna go back here (cupertino, SF) and then on the 25th we're gonna catch a plane to seattle and last but not least on the 28th we're gonna go to canada. have our christmas there and hey guess what? it's snowing in canada :) nice right? i can't wait.
anyways, i'll catch you guys later.

adios, xo.

(p.s. dont miss out on the pictures i'll post when i get back to jakarta)

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